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>>> this is a fox news alert. we are tracking the action in libya, we're told the u.s. will launch missile strikes against libyan air defenses within the hour. french jets launching air strikes on libyan tanks and now nato members preparing jets to head to libya to protect citizens of the north african country. they are wrapping up an emergency meeting in paris a short time ago as french warplanes circle the skies enforce the no-fly zone. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. the situation in libya is quickly developing as nato counties shift military resources to the region. molly henneberg is tracking that and live in the d.c. bureau. molly, good to see you. secretary clinton it's so unusual to hear from how severe things they are. should she did have a couple diplomatic points she wanted to make very clear clear. tell us about those. >> molly: that the u.s. backed international efforts to prevent libyan leader from muammar khadafy from attacking his own people but the u.s. would be taking a supportive role in any operation. >> we did not lead this. we di
pitch black. there are a lot of streets with all sorts of debris. us a move closer to the north you can see where the water may have been two or three inches and became four or five or six feet. one car was literally spiked into a fence as if it was skewered. we haven't been up in this region in the daylight. >> kelly: based on what you've seen and what you just described as getting cold and weather getting very cold right now, one thing comes to mind. fear and panic. how will the people avoid that. are they getting help to avoid that? >> reporter: they are but it's tough to get around to the people. you don't know about the fear and panic because you can't get to them physically. it's important to get search and rescuers to them tomorrow. >> kelly: that is adam housley laying it out in what the people are facing. >> jamie: and it's a scramble as they try to deal with the damaged nuclear power plants, the government is declaring a state of atomic power emergency. it's asking russia to raise energy sfleismt was the scene at one of the country's major refineries, up in flames. the prime m
for freedom here and all over the world? we know that it's not iran. it wants to take us down, take israel down and clear the path for the 12th imam. i want to introduce you to a guest. we put him up on camera. there he is. we can't show his identity. we have to disguise his voice. he will be with us live in a half an hour. he actually infiltrated the highest level of the iranian government. he knows first-hand the plan for destruction of israel and then the spread to america. that is coming up. but it all ties in to the 12th imam, christian anti-christ. and it also ties in to what else is going on in the middle east. it's a little strange. let's start here at home first, with your wallet. the man who runs the largest bond fund in the entire world, so he probably knows a thing or two, says the u.s. treasurys, the things, you know, our debt have "little value" because of our ever-increasing debt burden. warren buffett suggested avoiding betting on the u.s. dollar because he believes it's about to tank. wall street is increasing their interest in what they call tail risk. what that is, is fu
of these two is telling us whohey really are. now this is where the president gets his understanding of collective salvation. while he was at this man's church, reverend wright went to visit muammar gaddafi. he traveled with louis farrakhan to libya to go meet with him. we also know this. barack obama was influenced by this man. so many others. now the facts of once barack obama gets into office, it's a series of consistent history of actions that are not friendly at all to israel. first, you have hillary clinton. saying that israel is unhelpful in the march 2009 settlement issues. do we have my pointer anywhere, do you know where that is? there it is. then we have this one. joe biden. he wants to dismantle all of the outpost. in 2009, obama criticizes israel over the settlements. in september 2009, obama tells the-up general assembly he doesn't accept legitimacy of the new israeli settlement. then the white house press secretary lashes out at israel over 900 new housing units in march of 2010, israel ambassador to the u.s. says relations between our two countries is the worst in ove
cyrus playing lohan in the skit. that is your last call, thanks for joining us tonight. we'lsee you again tomorrow from behind the scenes videos and posts check out our facebook fan page. click the "light" button to sign up g night from iowa. ♪ ♪ >>> hello, america. i'm judge judge judge filling in for glenn this week who is on vacation. tonight on the docket, the price of oil and growing government debt. the bloody protest in the middle east and north america set the price of oil skyrocketing. oil is trading at a half-year high of over $100 a barrel. and consumer saw 33% gallon gas price jump at the pump in the last two weeks. meanwhile, the federal government continues racking up endless debt. today is $14 trillion. by the end of next year, if the president gets his way, it will be over $15.6 trillion. that debt is money. you and your children will have to pay back. our progeny will be born as financial slaves to the federal government, as they will have their way to tax to spend for spending that occurred before they were born. yet the big government shakedown doesn't stop th
. go to greta and make sure you follow us on twitter and on gretawire, facebook and the works. bill o'reilly is next at the top of the hour. go vote in see you tonight. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> judge napolitano: hello, america. i'm judge napolitano, guest hosting for glenn beck today. we have a lot to cover. let's start with the battle to rein in the ever-growing federal budget deficit. big government republicans in the house are leading up a pathetic charge to cut $61 billion in this year's federal budget. to put it in perspective, the federal government budget deficit for 2011 is projected to be $1.6 trillion. cutting $61 billion is a joke. but senate democrats won't be outdone when it comes to half-hearted or spineless spending cut measures they proposed additional $6.5 billion cut that the congressional budget claims is only $4.7 billion. can you follow any of this? america, too many politicians on both sides of the aisle have simply lost touch with reality when it comes to government spending. a $4.7 billion cut in the face of a $1.6 trillion defici
senator jerry moran, senate of appropriations, joins us now. senator, welcome to the "glenn beck program." nice to meet you, sir. >> good to be back with you. thank you for the opportunity. >> judge napolitano: what is the latest, senator. it gather that the vote has been put off again, that there is a republican measure on the floor, democratic measure on the floor and the senate is not going to vote on it now until tomorrow. is that the case? >> the expectation was there may have been a vote this everything. it now appears it's carried over until tuesday morning. the expectation is that there will be two proposals, one what you call the paltry $61 billion preduction. hr-1, sent to us in the senate by the house of representatives. >> judge napolitano: great. >> then the even more paltry $6 billion cut suggested by president obama and democrat leaders in the senate. and there will be a vote on each one of those. my guess is that neither one of them will receive the 60 votes necessary to move forward. and then we're once again back to negotiations with i suppose democrat leaders. and perh
was written about in 2006. the program, it says, if i may quote, program using the tax identification numbers instead of social security numbers is similar to the program run by smaller lenders around the country that they distributed millions of dollars to undocumented imgrants over the past few years. let me show you how this all works. we were convinced by george bush and everybody else, the american dream was to have a house. that was the dream. so all the people in apartment buildings could haven't the american dream. some of them because they had bad credit or didn't have jobs to allow them to afford houses. remember how expensive houses used to be? those days aren't coming back so they didn't get a house so they couldn't have part of the american dream because of the big even bank. i have should put horns on the big evil bank. they wouldn't loan these people any money. what happened? the union and acorn, you know, with the baseball bats, along with the permission and blessings of the beautiful, beautiful people in washington. they said yeah, we'll back you up. these banks should give l
laying a cable can help to restore power to the cooling system. the military is preparing to use helicopters and fire trucks. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow, wg back from the brink. we're here live saturday. >> glenn: hello, america. i want to welcome you to the "glenn beck program" and tell you tonight i'm going to lay out a theory. i have a lot of facts but i want to separate from facts from theory and you have to help figure this out. something is very wrong. it has been a busy couple of weeks for the president. there is a lot going on in the world. his job to lead the free world. what is he doing? he just carted his 60th round of golf as president. who hasn't golfed at least 60 times in the last two years? then, of course, the ncaa brackets. there is always a crisis. march madness is only once a year. today is st. patty's day. president went to capitol hill to celebrate that with congressional leaders. tomorrow, it's off for a well-deserved vacation in beautiful rio de janeiro. wow! may i just ask is he bidding on the "price is right" showca
senator mike lee will be joining us in a couple of moments. the federal government charges 18 cents a gallon in tax at the pump. nothing to do with getting the oil to you. should we pay that and should the government reduce that tax when oil is spiking 33% in two weeks? >> most of the push i hear, people all wanting to raise the tax we're lucky if we keep the tax where it is, probably what we need to do is have a government friendly to business. we all need electricity. we all need gasoline for our cars. but we have a government right now that i think is the most antibusiness government or administration that we've had in my lifetime >> yet, the president appoints someone like bill daley, the brother of the soon to be exgovernor of chicago and former senior vice president, jp morgan chase to put on the front of being in favor of business. the president went along with keeping the bush era tax rates where they were in the lame duck era of congress. claiming that he is in favor of this. his words don't always match up with what he is doing. >> he claims he wants to do something about
north of tokyo. 3,000 people were already evacuated, now more. meantime, a u.s. aircraft is headed to japan. a second is on its way to assist with recovery efforts. president obama says america stands prepared to assist in whatever way it can. >> i'm heartbroken by this tragedy. any assistance that we can provide wll be providing. japan i'm sure will come back stronger than ever, hopefully with our help. >> shepard: in the united states, waves are swamping hawaii beaches and damaging harbors in california along the boarder with oregon. that's where these pictures are. this is what many hawaiians woke up to in the middle of the night. [ buzzer ] a tsunami warning is in effect. >> shepard: we have team fox coverage of the epic disaster. alicia acuna at the earthquake center. and first, trace gallagher. japan continuing to get rocked. >> reporter: since the 8.9 earthquake, they have been struck with three major aftershocks and two were stronger than the san francisco earthquake in 1989. i want to show you video inside a grocery store. this will give you an idea -- this is an office bu
financial enemies were likely responsible for the u.s. financial collapse in 2008. that doesn't mean we're -- we were irresponsible as well, but they took advantage. the attack, which began in 2007, he says is a three-tiered attack the report claims two of the phases are complete. two of them. but the third one is not. he says it may be underway right now. he also, freeman, reports here on who the lead suspects would be. he said islamic terrorists. hostile members of the chinese military. or groups in russia. who are the best positioned in the economic battle space. now, here is where this thing doesn't feel right to me. this report came out back in 2009. the only reason why we're seeing it now is because someone in the d.o.d. thought that this report should be brought to public attention. it was made in 2009. the d.o.d. thought it should be brought to your attention. that alone to me is the biggest warning bell here. it should put your radar up, at least maybe say maybe i should read this and look into it. why should it be brought to your attention now? well, let me ask you, what was t
-11. as long as we have those voices heard, the leadership will back us on that. >> judge napolitano: last week, the house of representatives passed a spending plan. and sent it over to the senate. today, the senate rejected a republican spending plan and it rejected a democratic spending plan. what happens next? are we up for another one of those ridiculous continuing resolutions, you can fund the government for another two weeks but no longer? >> i think one of the things we have to do is stand firm. when you look at the report from last week from the g.a.o., the 225-page report saying there is $100 billion to $200 billion in duplicative programs in washington, d.c., and if you look at the exortant amount we are spending on -- exorbitant amount, and money to refurbish the mosque in the islamic world we have a problem with spending in washington, d.c. maybe the senate democrats don't once it but we do in the house. >> judge napolitano: joining us now is from the state of florida congressman connie mack. welcome to the "glenn beck program." >> great to be with you, judge. >> judge na
't make sense to us. there is leaders all around the world that it doesn't make sense. so what is happening? look at the things that don't make sense and see if we can tie them together tonight. high oil prices. we have high oil prices but we're not drilling. i will give you an update on this. worse than not drilling. yet, this weekend, we help brad zil drill. we are giving them permits to do things we won't do in our own water and say we want to buy it. it doesn't make sense. the president supports the youth revolution in egypt. the cheerleader for that. democratic revolution, but not for the democratic revolution in iran and the youth in iran, too. then he uses the military in libya. that doesn't make sense. this administration has praised for the -- -- has praise for muslim brotherhood as peaceful and says tea partys are violent. you go to madison and they're being violent and he says they're peaceful. it doesn't make sense. no war for oil. no war. no war without congress. then we have war, war without congress, war for oil and war with a third muslim country. that really do
dumped all the u.s. debt. jobless claims are rising. we have one more week to go until we get a budget deadline, meaning the government can't spend any more money. what will happen next month? the republicans have a solution for getting spending under control. who better to address all this is congressman paul. it's a pleasure. welcome to the glenn beck program. dow is down 228 points, president just borrowed $223 billion in the month of february. democrats in the senate are abandoning the president and their own leadership. who in the congress takes seriously the abyss that we are facing called bankruptcy, called $14 trillion in debt? >> i think there is probably about 12 of us that really care about it and cut the way we have to. we don't have any clout, really. i'm not very optimistic about what is going to happen on the short run. they can argue back and forth. they will limp along and have another cr but it's just a situation that overwhelming. the fact that the economy gets weaker, that we have employment improving and no inflation. i don't think the people believe that anymore.
lights are blinking and thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you to. make sure to follow us on twitter. go to greta wire and blog about tonight's show. meantime, keep it here on fox news, o'reilly factor is next. good night from washin at all. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. a lot to report today. you have been told by the media and politicians alike that this theory is wrong. that there is nothing to it. pay no attention. well, that was the storyline that was churned out and rehashed by pundit after pundit and reporter after reporter for god knows how long. but as we watch the middle east and now the rest of the world catch fire and we watch the events of the day play out, well, it has to become more and more clear who is correct. and who is incorrect. so then the question would become wait a minute, why hasn't the incorrect side rushed? you know, all of those who rush to dismiss or discredit the view point come out now and rush out and say whoa, whoa, whoa. wow, it is really happening. what would stop them from reporting what is now the und
economy. turn us against each other. redistribute wealth and overthrow the government of the united states. i have told you this over and over and tonight i will present the evidence, including a detailed plan but i won't give it to you. i will allow them to tell you from a conference they had this weekend when they didn't think anyone was licensing. their own detailed land to overthrow the united states of america. their own words. on tape. now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i want to talk to you tonight. i had a choice to make yesterday. coming to you, trying to find a police man to help with what came to us over the weekend. i realized we're darn near out of policemen. i don't necessarily trust eric holder. i don't trust the administration. i don't trust congress. i don't know who to bring this to, except you. that's why i'm bringing this to you tonight. i'm going to play some audio for you in a moment that we broke this morning on my radio program and my website. it is a recording of a speech given over the weekend at pace university. given by a prominent labor leader. and
with the germans and russians and the french ordered immediate action and hillary clinton nodded "we are with us," and it was described by one," we are completely puzzled and wondering if this is a priority for the united states. a side note, did you miss last night's television program? if so, watch it. you might, might understand what is going on in libya a little bit more. it will be a dire situation if france has to do something about it. would not that though would have surrendered. we are sitting it out. no wonder hillary clinton is thinking of an exit plan, according to an insider, the president's in decision on libya has pushed her over the edge and that is not good. unrest is expanding. at home the social of thes, what a surprise, have taken to the streets of chicago, at an immigration rally. and this is now making the rounds on the internet. do not show that. please. someone missed a word on the banner i saw. not good. they are ready for revolution. and ready for revolution now. >> this is a global class war. a moment revolution. >> this is transforming people for revolution. >> in det
call. thank you for being with us tonight. go to and tell us what you thought about ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i have been talking about the perfect storm for several years now. perfect storm is all of the forces in the world that want to take america down and capitalism and the western way of life. extremists, communists, iran, all of them. the border, the debt, for lack of trust, energy, war, terror, political correctness, islamic extremism. financial problems. the enemies within, which i just added last week, and now i'm going to add another one. all of these things are happening. and we can deal with maybe a combination of a couple of them but they are all happening at once. that is going to pose the biggest threat to the united states, the one we have ever faced. even civil war i don't think was as tough as this one is. then you have gas prices and food prices skyrocketing. a global recession. these things happening altogether. it's just not good. i want to show you something that i saw very few outlets mention this yesterday. news outlets except
make us proud. not saying that you have to explain your legislation in a little pamphlet, but you know, that really wouldn't hurt. the whole healthcare bil all here no. no. not is going to happen. he says the president's offer to cut spending and he will spell it out. roy blount on fbn tonight. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, i ask if you know a police officer, you call him right now and tell him to turn the program on. make sure they don't miss the last ten minutes of this show. tonight, the next 60 minutes will boggle your mind. i want you to share it with a police officer. if it doesn't shock and wake all of america up, i honestly don't know what will. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i want to talk to you kind of first on a personal note. doing a tv show like this -- don't get me wrong, it's not digging ditches. in one way, it's the easiest job ever. but another way is difficult. enif you believe in what you say. you're not just doing rip-and-read, you're just reading somebody else's work or words. you are trying every day as a staff to produce new mat
that is taking place now. >> greta: adam, thank you. adam housley in japan. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow, keep it here on fox news channel for the latest news on the crisis in japan. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. go to be. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." i was feeting charitable so i pigged up a copy of the "new york times." i feel bad for them because of the sus scription rates and stuff. know what i'm saying? this is the newspaper that pointed out i've bomb apocalyptic and i'm a downer to watch. surprising coming from the "new york times." i thought they loved this show! anyway, i picked it up and i was looking at the headline. japanese scramable avert nuclear meltdown. wow! that sounds scary. death toll rises. frantic effort to rescue survivors. no flight zone in libya, backed by arab league. one of the worst story i ever read. this is about people here in new york state that are supposedly taking care of the ill, infirmed, mentally handicapped and they're abusing t
obama made. along with the far left before we went into iraq. they made us go through how many months saying they are not a vital national interest? it's blatant hypocrisy isn't enough to speak out, how about this? "jihadis that fought us the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan now enjoy american support in libya." excuse me? that means the people who we were actually shooting at on the battlefield, we now giving arms to in libya. this libya rebel commander says his fighters have al-qaeda links. we'll have more on the story at the bottom of the hour. let's see if we have this right. we have a nobel peace prize winning president, encouraging unrest in the mast. saying rise up, isn't this great? look, now people are rising up. people are getting killed everywhere. then he gave the commander to launch america's third military conflict with a muslim nation that poses no immediate threat. never made the case to the american people. and no exit strategy. no one is even asking or answering the question what does victory look like? chaos. the "new york times" is reporting now that the muslim brother
members. they are no different than me. we're all parents, most of us. we all teach are kids there is no honor in lying or cheating. we all know that. teachers and firemen and police certainly know that you don't run from tough situations. tough situation if n life do you run from? one of the examples in my lifetime comes from the police and firemen in new york, union members. they ran into a burning building not out of it. in this crisis as we see what is happening on our streets where there is violence, where there are different rules being applied and people are lying and cheating to get their way, what is it that we are teaching the next generation of americans. most americans didn't want obamacare, no matter what you say on the left, the facts bear it out. that is what the polls said. politicians used every trick in the book to get it passed. they were proud of it strangely but did the politicians on the other side skip town and hide. did the tea party resort to violence? they didn't. because we understand and respect the republic and democrats do, too. we are all used t
, you were saying that there will be plenty of warning, should this be threatened, the u.s. west coast or hawaii or any of the places that are under this warning right now. there is plenty of time to act. but when you are thinking about a wall of the water coming toward you, what can people really do? >> reporter: listen i. evacuate? >> reporter: in a case where this earthquake happened, 80 miles from the coast, there is very little warning of that. and obviously, people felt this on the coastal areas, but they don't know where the center was. >> reporter: yes, we will have good information to know if there is a tsunami headed towards hawaii or the west coast. it is far enough away from the epicenterof this earthquake, we will absolutely know when something is coming. and that's great news. and people in hawaii certainly need to be watching this one very closely. people on the west coast, too, as well. you know, it's overnight and people are not paying attention to the news right now. if there would be any concern in the morning, people will need to be on top of that. >> that's the thi
by the minute. thank you for being with us tonight. log on to and stay with fox news for breaking dev >> this is a fox news alert from new york. it's 4:00 p.m. in quake-ravaged japan and officials are very concerned about two of the country's nuclear power plants. an official with japan's nuclear safety commission is now saying that one of the plants may be experiencing a nuclear meltdown. almost 14,000 people living near the plants have been evacuated. but according to state broadcasters, officials from the government say that there is no need to extend that evacuation area, deintiet what we are hearing about the possible meltdown. two nuclear plants losing their cooling ability after yesterday's earthquake, which measured 8.9. authorities have detected eight times the normal radiation levels outside of one of those facilities. >> and to talk about how dangerous the situation might be, we have joe, a national security and nuclear expert. joe, thanks for being with us. >> yeah, my pleasure. >> what can you tell us? this could be a very dangerous situation. what can you tell us abo
change to the homeless. call us we'll send an out-reach team to help. >> give to char tees. it doesn't get through. -- charities, it didn't get through. >> a few cities try to install fake parking meters they call them homeless meters. >> it says don't give to the panhandler. if you feel a need for compassion put it in here and we'll make sure it guess to people who really need the money and the money is used in the right way. >> resources do exist to help the truly needy. food kitchens are plentiful. within charity i like is the fund that helps john buster put panhandling behind him. i be instead of giving hand-outs they retrain people to take responsibility for their lives. >> they don't allow to you get food stamps or anything like that. they want you to be independent. >> they gave john room and board and paid him to clean streets. now you supervises others. >> you don't have to wait around for somebody to give you something. you go out and make your own money. you get your self-esteem back. >> happiness comes from productive work, not freeloading. at least beggers don't force an
that happens once every 1,000 years. the u.s. geological survey says the quake shifted part of japan coastline. ready for this? japan has moved 13 feet closer to the united states. the earth moved ten inches because of this and the tsunami. the earth's axis was tilted slightly and shortened the length of the day by a couple of millionths of a second. part of japan's elevation has dropped do you remember the devastation in haiti do you remember what that looked like and how bad that was? that was horrible. but this quake in japan packed 1,000 times the punch of what hit haiti. you have probably seen the footage over and over again. i sat at my computer with my wife the other night looking at this stuff thinking oh, my gosh. moment that the earthquake struck. show the video of the buildings on the outside. this is amazing. watch the taller buildings. look at them sway. you will notice they didn't fall. whether this would happen in california now, i don't know. this is a testament to japanese ingenuity and honestly their preparation. they knew and they had prepared for years. then they were hit b
or a great-great-great grandpa that will take us all by the hand and fix all of our problems because we're just too young or dumb to understand? remember, soros says israel is the main problem. in the middle east, transformation. too scary for them. george soros is also the guy that believes that this, quoting him, "the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the united states." whoa! so let's see if we have this right. israel and the u.s. is an obstacle to what he and his groups believe should happen. you know who else thinks that? osama bin laden. i know, how about like iran. wait, we didn't stand up for people of iran. that's a weird coincidence. it's almost like iran, they say we're the great satan and israel is the little satan they're just using satan while he is using obstacles. see? what about iran? iran is a little different they're spookier than spooky dude they want to wipe israel off the map and they just produced a video saying the islamic messiah is on his way soon. good, the messiah is coming? no. it's like it's opposite day reading the book of revelation. got i
to miss bill o'reilly but want to go to, right? and vote and tell us what you like about on the record or what you don't like. then. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to the "glenn beck program." as a kid i watched "star trek" with my dad and i had to lay on the floor like this because i was the tv remote control. my dad would say "turn it to 7." i'm definitely not an uber "star trek" geek or anything, but do you remember episode 77, the savage curtain? it's been 42 years ago this month that this aired. i don't know this stuff by heart or anything. a lot of this -- look at this guy. i brought you here. do you remember this? this is the one where abraham lincoln somehow appears on the uss enterprise and they go to a planet where the lava rock comes to life and forces kirk, spoke, and other people to do battle with newt genghis kahn ad other people from history. they wanted to see which was stronger. good or evil. watch. >> you have failed to demonstrate differences between the philosophies. good and evil use the same message and
♪ [ music ] . >> that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow, make sure you follow us on twitter, go to greta ask tell me what you think about charlie sheen and what is going on in wisconsin. the get. because the government of connecticut is doing the same. >> glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. gas prices have sky rocketed. it has gone up 17 cents a gallon. national average $3.25 a gallon and plausible in the near future that the average person will not be able to afford gas for the car or oil to heat the home. we'll be like green. it is total solar industry. is anyone else notice that media doesn't care about the gas prices. the last administration was all about oil companies . now crickets. we are facing the worst oil destable. be patient, be patient. i am sure the media who are close to catch up. they were with egypt. it is not taking you by surprise, it is taking the media. i saw the headline from reuters. >> after the crisis a world wide rise in unrest. yes. they talk about unrest in tuinousia and egypt and maybe saudi arab
the u.s. west coast. we will monitor that and monitor how the economy is holding up, how the world economy is holding up, and why we are very big inflection point here. we want to calm you down to see this big picture. they don't do that a lot. glenn beck is now. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." massive void of leadership in truth today. i defy you to find the truth when picking up the newspaper or watching the news no matter what the story is, challenge everything you read. take japan. you have people freaking out because the media is freaking out. now in california, they're buying iodine tablets. no, no, that's great. the united states surgeon general has supported the idea as a worthy precaution. even though other health officials will tell you ask your doctor. that's really unnecessary. and you don't want to take that stuff unless you're told to, because it can cause other problems. where is the truth? well, believe it or not, i found it in one of the most unbelievable places. i actually have respect for this guy, because he has never changed his story. ever. he i
between here and there? >> thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you follow us on twitter, sign up for tweets. i put on open thread on gretawire. "the ol ryey factor" is next. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you tomorrow night. go to gretawire. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." libya is still racing violently out of control. saudi arabia has just provoked iran. japan is battling the devastating earthquakes, the tsunamis and fighting to keep a nuclear power plant under control. the market is tanking globally. so what is our president doing today? i mean this is the guy who told everybody rise up. the youth in the streets, look to egypt. rise up. then he promptly went off to retire to a stevie wonder private concert at the white house and then he went to play golf the saturday before last and then this saturday, and before he went to golf he gave a saturday radio address to the entire nation. he wanted to make sure that we were celebrating women's history. has somebody hit this man with a stupid stick or a tranquilizer dart? i don't, that we're celeb
will be brought upon us only once the muslims have killed all the jews. what? the page had more than 340,000 fans. gnatty portman, the academy award -- the one who is like i'm a ballet dancer. she has 477,000 fans. the thing to with the jews like natalie portman they're going for her in the oscar. another story i saw in the move, probably not worth mentioning, 220 marines from camp lejeune are getting ready to deploy -- well, you know, libya. that's -- on a ship! just off the coast. no big -- this is an air campaign. what? you have all of this going on simultaneously. it was all triggered by the spontaneous upgizing. they happened overnight. remember the story in the administration was taken off-guard they were surprised. hay didn't know what to do. yeah. the president needed time to figure out how to respond, because it was so crazy. could i be a burr under his saddle, just for a second. could i interject a little reality? could i show you what we have found? i know it takes -- what is it, 87 -- 87 people at media matters, all day long just to take what i say to you here and try to smear it. and
father used to say to me glenn, life is a series of choices. but once you make the choice, you have to be prepared to live with the consequences and the ramifications of that choice. right now, we're given bogus choices and we're told what we cannot do, but we are not giving the other side of it. for example, we were told this or what? we know we don't want this. so it's that. but then we're not defining that. the financial meltdown. we don't want the financial meltdown. you want the financial meltdown or do you want hope? do you want special interest running your government or do you want change? now it's this government doesn't work, everything is melting down. the government is broke. it doesn't work. we should have george soros open society. but i don't know what hope, change and open society means to you. it means something to me but it means nothing different i'm guessing to george soros. nobody is defining what this is. we are just saying we don't want this. we'd rather have -- what? i'm going to show you the choices. tonight, you have two choices. here they are. ready? two v
to demonstrate differences between the philosophies. good and evil use the same message and achieve the same result. >> glenn: yes, yes. >> you seem to use the same method but you achieve the same results. good versus evil. >> glenn: yeah. yeah. looking back on this, it might explain my lack of childhood friends. but i thought of this today because i thought that lava rock thingie was on to something. good versus evil. while, we don't have honest abe or james t. kirk, this is the battle that we face today. not left versus right. not republicans versus democrats but good versus evil. and that's why i brought you here tonight. to pick the two against each other. come with the lava rock guy. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> glenn: oh, man, i just said there is no way that she could get carpet lint off me in five seconds. she did. good to have the wee little erin back. hello, america. the days of playing left and right, they're over. we have allowed ourselves to become pan in someone else's gain for power. this week we'll break a story that's breath-taking on this program with audio and videotape of what
final four. >> that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. we're going to see you again tomorrow. go to greta, follow us there. there are special guests tomorrow night. laura bush, good night from dallas. bill o'reilly is up only network is that will go on, fbn. if you don't get it. >> get it. >> glenn: today, by the way -- hello. today, we are going to follow this pattern. 1882, nicci, a guy you read and you want to hang yourself. he declared god is dead. 1966, time magazine asked the question is god dead? with all the things going on, we are going to say that god is aware, involved and is waiting for you to notice and respond. i'll show you exactly how i know. he lives and he is involved. i'll show you an individual i think he is sending you a message. it's kind of inside. screening to get out. sending you a message that no, no. i am not dead. wait. don't go anywhere. this is a show you don't want to miss. c'mon. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. tonight we're going to talk about israel. israel is about the size of new jersey. it is a little bit, bitty c
for america, you are a crazy hate mongerrer. that's what you are. i'll tell you that right now. they love us. these kids, they understand apple. these kids are on facebook and twitter they're just like you. rise up youth of the whole world. rise up. he was really praising those guys. even the state department and his people all worked together. google worked together with a youth of egypt. because they're just like us. well, hillary clinton, secretary of state, she arrived in cairo this morning. she was ready to meet with the youth. the young people. she was snubbed. by the revolution youth coalition. yeah, they didn't want to have any -- no, they didn't want to meet with her at all. they said, "based on clinton's negative position from the beginning of the revolution and the position of the u.s. administration in the middle east we reject this invitation." [ laughing ] things are going to get good. who did he pick? the winner of the final four. do we know? we'll get back to you with that news. we've got to look at the president's priorities. could be, could be that he is focusing on the fac
and news audience on issues that will affect your money and life. we'll be here live. hope you can join us. captioned by closed captioning services, inc [ applause ] >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to friday. tonight is a special show. every time we do a friday show it's always like hey, let's talk about something really depressing where we all want to hang ourselves. tonight it's the fed! oh, it's going to be spooky. during the financial crisis, most americans heard a lot about the federal reserve but most americans don't know anything about it, how it works, what it is, who etch runs it, how it's run they know that it buys our debt, sets up interest rate, has a lot to do with the economic well-being of our nation. where did it come from? tonight as part of the e-4 focus, we'll delve into e-2 and get educated on the fed. g. edward griffin, author of this book. if one more person hands me this book, i really, i'm going to -- i get this from so many. i go out and people are like have you read this book? yes, i have. may i recommend have you read this book? if not, read it. "the creature f
>> that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you again on monday. go to greta and blog. and keep it here on fox news channel. o'reilly factor is next. good night from new york city. there is a special show on monday, 10:00 p.m. eastern. [ applause ] >> hello america, tonight is another fun-filled friday on the glenn beck program. revolution, that is what we're going to talk about tonight but in the historic context and we have people in the audience who are from hungary and russia and cuba, from countries all over the world that have experienced revolution. and revolution up until recently is a word that everybody thought was ridiculous. it was a forgotten idea, something from the old days in the history books that apparently doesn't read anymore. but the events around the middle east has served to put us on alert, i hope. too many people, gee, revolution is great. no, it's not. because revolution is just the beginning. it's a reminder of what a small but dedicated group of people bent on revolution can accomplish. we can easily forget the see
't read anymore. but the events around the middle east has served to put us on alert, i hope. too many people, gee, revolution is great. no, it's not. because revolution is just the beginning. it's a reminder of what a small but dedicated group of people bent on revolution can accomplish. we can easily forget the seeds of our own country were planted in revolution. how many countries that are existing right now in the world have their roots in revolution. i'll give you that answer in a second. our revolutionaries were different. i love this guy. i wish i had a t-shirt of this killer. or a christmas ornament of this killer. these are many of the revolutionaries that are currently around some of the old ones, but there is another group of revolutionaries that were much, much different. the founders were not a massive group of people. they didn't even all agree. only 25% of the american population wanted to separate from great britain. another 25% of americans didn't want to separate and 50% were like -- whatever. these men were dedicated and they worked and plod and they planned and they
and so will our entire economy. that is memo. now to the stop story, reaction joins us fox analyst, laura ingle. i hold in my hand, as johnny carson used to say, an ap urgent that says, governor scott walker will start issuing layoff notices tomorrow, friday, if the bill cutting benefits to the union workers in wisconsin and collective bargaining rights isn't passed. they are going to start laying people off. what do you think will happen when he starts to do that? >> reality as come home home to roost. you know steely dan song, black friday? black friday has come. if the democrats didn't stop their juvenile game of hiding out in the best western, they are on a slide. they don't stop their game they are doing, unfortunately you have to move forward and do the hard things you do and actually govern not when you hide. this was part of the plan all along. if the democrats didn't come back. >> bill: go ahead. >> if he doesn't do this, bill, he has no credibility. and it can all be reversed. >> bill: i guess it can be. it be interesting who to see, the 600 teachers, bye. it won't kick in until
>> go, badgers my pick. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. make sure you follow us on twitter, go to greta and learn about where you can contribute to japan. we'll see you monday night for a great show. "the o'reilly factor" is next até8 today i will challenge you by the end of the show to make a difference, to make that change. it is better when meg said that "make that change," but he was a freak. i read an mazing excerpt from blogs and e-mails of a survivor in japan, an american who teaches english in japan describes the atmosphere. listen to this. no one has washed for several days we feel grubby but there are more important concerns. i love the peeling away of nonessentials living fully on the legal of instinct and intuition. there are strange parallel unit verifies happening. petroleum are lining up for water and food and a few are walking dogs and she says i can feel my heart opening wide and my brother asked me if i felt small because of all that was happening and i don't. i feel part of something happening that is larger than mile. that is the spi
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